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Godot Engine -- The Godot Engine will be the engine upon which we build the interface/portal for the entire gaming portion of our project. From the interface, our community will be able to get information and launch games they wish to play. This open source project is amazing, and in the future, once we are fully operational, we hope to be able to contribute to the furthered development of this engine.

Blender3D -- The exceptional Blender3D software that is available free of charge for artists to build 3D objects with. This software is absolutely amazing to be open source and free of charge!

Daz3d -- This free to use software creates some amazing usable characters for 3D video games. Export them to blender, build clothing, armor, weapons, hair in blender, export to Godot for usage. You have an amazing character creator with a minimal learning curve within Daz3d itself!

Operating Systems -- Debian Linux and openBSD are two of the best operating systems you could ever hope to learn. Extremely stable, reliable, unbelievable uptime. The perfect solution to commercial grade network operating systems available today.


Windows 10 Pro -- So far one of the better versions of windows I've been exposed to. Even though it still has it's share of bugs, it seems to be a bit more stable than most of it's previous incarnations!

Adobe Creative Cloud -- The premier development suite of tools, with a premium price tag to boot. But, I've yet to find better than Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier, Audition, or After Effects available.

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