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Status Updates

September 2019

Finishing up the informational website to provide potential Patreon supporters with knowledge of what we want to accomplish with this project, as well as a road map of how we hope to do so. Patreon will be fleshed out and launched sometimes during the first or second week of this month. Looking to get our first backUPS in order to get new workstation online and developing. Once done, we will move the current project over to the new workstation and continue developing on it. We are at what we consider to be pre-alpha project launch status right now.

September 15th 2019

While we will continue to develop and tweak the website and Patreon pages to provide continious updates and better details, both have been launched for the public to be able to browse at their leisure.

September 21, 2019

Ray will be opening another bank account for Patreon subscribers, so that he will be able to supply all Founders with updated financials.

October 2019

Ray will have to get full LLC information prior to being able to open new checking account. LLC application will be sent in as soon as possible in order to secure LLC status through state of Louisiana

October 19th 2019

Ray spoke with two of his long time friends over the past few weeks. In doing so, one of those long time friends, who wishes to remain anonymous at this time, advised Ray that he had a lot of "test equipment" that he needed to get out of his utility room, BUT, Ray would have to go pick the test equipment up. With the help of three of his nephews, Ray headed down to the Berry to get some network equipment, which he figured would probably be an upgrade to the limited computers he received from work. This is what Ray ended up with...




Commercial Servers

Ray Also received two Tripp-Lite AGSM5060 Rack mount Power BackUPS, various other switches and routers, a Dell PowerEdge rack console, patch panels, tons of patch cables already made, and a full box of bulk cat 6 ethernet cable. Ray also received at least a 6' tall, 40U, free standing network cabinet enclosure that is so deep, with the exception of the servers themselves, all other network devices can be mounted from the front and the back of this rack, and have plenty of space between them.

You may be asking yourself what all of this is and what does it mean for the community we're working on building. Quite simply, this equipment is actual enterprise level commercial network equipment. Instead of having to use mere consumer grade computers to setup a simple test environment, this equipment can be used to create an enterprise level data center from which websites, game servers, databases, routing, switching, etc..., can be run for the entire operation. Of course this is all used equipment, some of it may not even work properly, but, even if a small portion of it works properly, it should be enough to take care of far more of the needs of our little endeavor than some simple repurposed computers received from our current place of employment.

When we were just going to be using the computers as a test environment previously, we already knew we would need to run additional electrical wiring to power that equipment. With this new commercial grade equipment, even more additional wiring is going to be required! Ray is in the process of ordering dual pole single slot breakers, which he will use to run the additional wiring, and also, get more space out of his breaker box by replacing the single pole breakers so each slot can provide breaker access for two electric lines instead of just one each. Ray also has at least two 220v breakers in this breaker panel that are unused at this time, that he will be able to use 4 dual pole breakers in, which translates into 8 additional lines of juice, or, he would be able to use either of the 220v lines to run to an additional breaker box that could be located close to the network equipment, and then run dual pole breakers from that braker panel to provide outlets for the network equipment requirements. This seems like a better option, as in the process of doing this, Ray could setup something to go from home supplied electricity to generator supplied electricity in the case of long term power outage.

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