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Our Pledge

While we will be getting with our founders concerning all the pledges they would love to see from a gaming company to a gaming community, we have a few that we'd like to pledge to begin with.

No Selling Out

As long as our founders and community believe in us and continue to support us and provide feedback and input towards future goals, we pledge to never sell out to large corporations who would pervert our vision for their own greed.

Millionaire Executives

No millionaire executives will be employed by our company. As any type of executive in our little LLC, you will still have to be able to get your hands dirty and provide some worth towards the production pipeline for our project. If you do not have the ability to bring further production to this project, you will not be considered for any position, much less an executive one.

Advisors, Bean Counters, & Consultants

Our advisors and consultants will be you, our Founders, and we will not bring in high priced advisors or consultants to give us the information that we can easily obtain by asking our Founders what it is they think. Bean counters has to be one of the most useless professions I've ever heard of, I mean, come on, you bring in people with no other usable skill to crunch numbers and tell you where you can save five cents, all that while costing you thousands to do so?? Again, our contract workers, and eventually, full time employees, will have usable skills to put towards our goals and projects here with Game Lair.


Since you are considering funding us, it seems only fair that we pledge to be completely transparent on all transactions utilizng the funds you are providing. A monthly statement will be posted on the website detailing all transactions, incoming, and outgoing, for all Founders to view. We are determined to provide our Founders with a sense of accomplishment knowing where every penny they spend is being used towards the project!

Ray's Personal Pledge

My pesonal pledge to the community is to live as minimally as possible while getting this project funded, off the ground, and fully launched. I plan to work between 48 and 60 hours weekly toward getting this project programmed and fully operational, while trying to keep living costs below $1,600 a month. At 48 hours, this amounts to $8.33 per hour, at 60 hours, this amounts to $6.67 per hour, which comes in below the minimum wage, but, in order to see this project become reality, I'm willing to do so!

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