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Equipment Needs

High Priority

Power BackUPS Units would be our most pressing need at the moment. Constant power outages, even in broad daylight down here in southern Louisiana, keep us from being able to develop even on the best of days. We don't want to lose any of the electronics because of outages or brownouts so we don't even power up either the brand new workstation or any of the computers we're going to be using for network nodes while mother nature is raining constantly.

LLC Registration - Ray will be registering LLC information as soon as he is able to do so financially.

Moderate Priority

Other Needs

Moderate Priority

Low Priority

Founders in enough numbers so that Ray will be able to tackle this project full time. Until such time as we have acquired enough Founders in order for Ray to be able to begin working full time on this project, all money received will be banked away, and used on parts for equipment, network requirements, connectivity requirements, and used to pay additional help on a part time basis as can be afforded.

Our Founder numbers will be either 250/500/750, or, 500/1,000/1,500. Once we have secured minimum 10% of smaller founder number, we'll hold a poll with those Founders to determine if we will expand to the larger number.

Ray won't go full time until a combination of Founders resulting in monthly revenue of at least $7,500 has been reached. This will allow Ray to use as minimal a portion of that as possible and be able to bring in developers on at least a part time basis to push this project forward.

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