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There will be three levels of founders. Zeta, Omega, and Alpha.

Zeta Founders

Omega Founders

Alpha Founders

Dividend Program

Ray came up with the dividend program as a way to give back directly to those founders that came in when we were laying the foundation and getting this project off the ground. Alpha and Omega Founders are contributing more monthly than a usual subscription price, and Ray felt like there should be some type of reward program specifically for them.

Now before this program can be launched, we will have to be completely self sustaining, will have to have the subscriber base to support it easily, and make it worth doing. All equipment will have to be obtained and in place, along with backups of that equipment in case of failures, employees will have to be in place and compensated properly, and we'll have to have a vast number of genres from which to choose for gaming needs. We will have to be in our own building as well, to eliminate monthly rental costs from taking chunks out of our budget.

Once this has happened, and we reach a high enough subscriber base to make this feasible, we want to do quarterly single payment dividend payments to Omega Founders and double payment dividend payments to Alpha Founders. We want to do this once we're able to at least double what you're paying monthly towards the program. While you'll still be paying monthly, you'll be getting double that quarterly, so while Omega Founders will be paying $20 per month, which amounts to $60 a quarter, we want to be making dividend payments of $120 per quarter. Alpha's will be paying $75 per quarter, and dividend payments would be $150 per quarter. Now you won't be limited to just double, I'm just expressing the fact that we wouldn't begin this program without being able to provide these payments. As long as our project and subscriber base continues to grow beyond when we start this program, I want to keep the dividend program growing as well.

After doing a lot of calculations, we feel that we can begin the dividend program after reaching 30,000 subscribers, once all equipment and overhead is completely accounted for. This 30,000 subscribers is subscribers only, this count would not include any Founder level subscriptions.

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