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AzLa Devels


Ray came up with this nick to have a little fun with the project. AzLa comes from Arizona and Louisiana where the two main developers work, and Devels is of course a play between the words Developer and Devils. Since all of our current participants are from one of these two states in our great nation, Ray just couldn't help himself.



Steven is the CEO of Prymal Fyre LLC, has been enjoying video games for quite a long time as well. He has some institutional education in software programming and development, has tinkered around in Unreal and Unity, but, like Ray, has decided on Godot to be our engine of choice. His specialty is smashing bugs, and Ray provides him ample opportunity to utilize this skill.


Exceptionally gifted old school (pencil and paper) artist looking to make his mark in the digital world. Ray introduced Glynn to Blender3D, Daz3d, and a few graphics programs to get him started, and we're extremely interested to find out what he produces once he gets past the learning curve of these programs.


Katie used to do websites and is getting back into website design and development on the front end of things, leaving the coding and database connectivity up to Ray.


Keith is another exceptional artist that doodles almost non-stop. More importantly, Keith is a Blender3D guru who enjoys creating 3d objects to place together in groups and create worlds.

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