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The Game Lair website started out as a website to link regional gaming clans websites together, and announce events happening at a LAN Center built in 2006. San Antonio, Pensacola, Alabama, Baton Rouge, Little Rock, Shreveport, gaming clans would all drive to Duson Louisiana to enjoy weekends of gaming greatness!!! As time went by, life began getting in the way, and eventually the LAN Center was first closed, then remodeled into a house. The domain was kept though, and my associates and I decided it was time to put it back to good use!

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Enter Game Lair

My associates and I are long time avid gamers, techno geeks, and movie buffs, and we've grown weary of the absolutely problematic environments outlined above. Many of our friends, associates, and apparently a huge and growing number of you out there have become quite weary of all this drama as well. So, we decided to get together and begin brainstorming solutions to these issues. We believe with the backing of a community and it's founders, we can do better.

It is our sincere hope that you will take this journey with us by becoming a patreon of ours, and helping us fund this endeavor. It is also our hope that as Founders, you will help shoulder the responsibility of policing the community, helping create our Code of Conduct, telling us what you want us to plege to the community as a way of telling you that as long as you guys believe in us, we will be here for you.

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